Sep 24

Living Fearlessly3

Ha Tran has risked life, death and capture as a 1978 war refugee from Vietnam.  She risked life and limb to save her life and the lives of her family.  Fearlessly and with incredible determination, Ha dragged her broken ankle behind her while carrying her newborn son in her arms-being careful not to cry out in pain.  As stealthily as she could, she raced through the shadows and darkness with a husband she barely knew as he clung tightly to their toddler.  Ha scarcely had time to mourn the life of privilege she was abruptly leaving behind- but if they were to survive, it was the only way.  Without knowing her own strength, courage, or ability to take care of her family, Ha kept going.  Moving ever so carefully to safety, with hope and courage as her only possessions.

Ha and her family landed safely with $20 in their pockets, not one word of English and nothing but hope in their hearts at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.  It took four long years to get this far.  As the matriarch of a family and without the full use of her leg, Ha Tran led her family in grabbing the American Dream with both hands and holding on tight.  Never wavering or giving up, Ha has riveted audiences with the story of how she did it and the guiding principles that helped her to survive, thrive and grow into the phenomenal author and speaker that she is today.  Mother of four successful children, living happily in Massachusetts, Ha Tran was inspired by hope.  She is fearless and helps empower others to have courage to follow their dreams.

I nominate Ha Tran for the Live Fearlessly Contest.  I believe that if she entertained the thoughts of fear that surely must have crept in, she never would have survived the awesome and unbelievable experience.  Her story is too inspiring NOT to share.

~ Rebecca R. Rooney Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur GrowinBizKids, Inc.

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